Voice is a power that is unmatchable
Throughout its time it has shown
In history I’ll SHALL and WILL be heard
I will not remain silent and I will never give in
The day I cease to exist is the day
We has a human being, an individual, or a group or nation
Give in to the treachery of evil
And this I cannot allow
For this there are too many voices to be heard
There are too many generations that stood still in the calm of the storm
I frankly contest! And say, “FUCK THAT”
Not without a fight
See someone great once said,
“To not speak is to not live
But to truly live we must
Share our voice to the world.”
Never timid or hesitant
But rather composed and focused
How waiting ever so patiently
My time to shine in the greatness of the light
That draws me near to an unrelenting truth!
I challenge you to use your voice and speak
Speak I say!
and break the silence! To do
What others will not dare do.