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Fall’n for You


Beautiful Thing

At an early age of 26, must attest to the fact that to truly gain experiences in life one must do or act. In respects to relationships. TO BE in LOVE is an AMAZING THING. Far from were money is a factor. BUT! To look in the eyes of your lover and breathe was they breathe. Smile as they smile. Truly, a beautiful thing. And, if ever you get to experience such a thing. Cherish it, and don’t let it go. Realism, of relationships is skewed. They are many UPs and Downs. But you WILL KNOW for yourself as to what is acceptable towards your standards. We as human beings, have our own philosophy in respects to what is acceptable in relationships; what’s acceptable to you. What we agree or disagree with. And, what we find acceptable for ourselves. Granted, life isn’t perfect. To let someone into your world and what makes you happy is a daunting thing to do. But whether good or bad. Chances must be taken. For if not then how would we really know about a person if we don’t give it a CHANCE. To give them a chance. No one single person on this earth is PERFECT but through effort and what’s important to you. Counts. Believe in yourself. Believe in your partner. Granted you’ll have to known for yourself. (And, you alone could only make such a call.) When to let someone go. But as an old tale goes, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” lol. Any who, enough of my ranting. Just a lil bit of venting through literary work. Hope this was a good read. It was fun typing this while drinking IPA’s lol. 🙂

The luxury of being in debt

amazing read must see… my dear friend Ms. Guzman 🙂

Mirrors and Reflections

Flowers in the rain :)                      Flowers in the rain 🙂

Ok, being in debt sucks, a lot, but hear me out.

You guessed it, I am in huge debt thanks to financing my entire master’s degree through a student loan. Will I ever pay it back? I’m hopeful 🙂 I have many days–and nights–where I go into a panic thinking about my massive debt. I haven’t started making payments so it is easy to forget it is there, but as the time approaches for that first instalment, I freak. Being slaved to a bill that size is daunting and anything but fun. I panic even more when I realise that I am thousands of miles away from home without a job where I can afford to make the payments. What was I thinking?! Seriously, as I have to think about my predicament to write this…

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