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Mirrors and Reflections

Flowers in the rain :)                      Flowers in the rain 🙂

Ok, being in debt sucks, a lot, but hear me out.

You guessed it, I am in huge debt thanks to financing my entire master’s degree through a student loan. Will I ever pay it back? I’m hopeful 🙂 I have many days–and nights–where I go into a panic thinking about my massive debt. I haven’t started making payments so it is easy to forget it is there, but as the time approaches for that first instalment, I freak. Being slaved to a bill that size is daunting and anything but fun. I panic even more when I realise that I am thousands of miles away from home without a job where I can afford to make the payments. What was I thinking?! Seriously, as I have to think about my predicament to write this…

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