Relationships in any fashion are truly beautiful from profession, casual, or most intriguing romantic and passionate relationships spark interest. However, most especially in the crosshairs of discussion would be romantic relationships. The relationship in which a man or woman would consider courting or intimate can be a beautiful thing. Now, first let me define my definition of ‘how it’s suppose to be’ when I think of this I can’t help but rethink to that Ryan Leslie song, ‘How it’s suppose to be’. However, I’m not speaking about music but in reference to a general public’s perspective or point of view of the matter but in regards to how we as human beings perceive relationships to be. I’m willing to bet that most not all would agree to some degree of my findings. Take into consideration what you have read are my own personal thoughts and opinions of the matter. In today’s Society we see so many couples that do not commit to marriage for personal reasons or other. My question or observation I’ve seen  in my young twenty three years of living is that if a man and woman come together and a child is the product of a relationship in the matters of an unplanned birth. The ‘parents’ of that child or what we see in Society nowadays some not all choose to take on the role as parents and to raise that child. But not necessarily focusing on committing to each other in terms of a serious commitment to each other in terms of marriage. To me my opinion, marriage should be something a man and woman take seriously. However, maybe the concept of marriage varies from person to person and what they’ve learned about the concept. Whether being from what society has taught us or what we believe in personally. In reference to Beyonce hit song, “Put a ring on it” I have to agree…Simplistically, thinking if you like it or even in fact love it, then why not put a ring on it? Now, I know life is not that simple. And, for some there are a lot of factors to consider. But consider this, if life is short, why waste precious minutes, hours, and days of our lives. Let’s spend those precious moments in life with those we love. That saying, ‘Life is short’ is true. Not to get off topic but I guess mature relationships depend on the individuals involved in them. Not only that but I know if I found the ONE that made my world COMPLETE so to speak I would not waste my time with those other woman because they simple would NOT matter one bit. However, I have yet to find that person so LADIES if you’re reading this… I am SINGLE. Any who, I can’t help but reflect on my own relationship experiences I’ve had and I feel for those that have been in a serious mature relationship can relate. I recall my time with this young woman early in my college academic years. Time with her flew by with running around from class to work, work to home studying. Relationships are about the SIMPLE THINGS that really do matter. For, instance gazing at the stars while lying on the roof with your significant other, or perhaps walking around the lake to feed small ducks with bread as you walk by. As soon as I was with my girlfriend time as I knew it came to a standstill, as if there were some type of button to FREEZE time. And, I believe essentially that is IT! For those that spend their time wisely in relationships being monogamous versus promiscuous they’ll find like I found with my experience a BEAUTIFUL THING in which a relationship and how it’s SUPPOSE to BE.