I’ve been chasing this girl for too long. What is it going to take for me to create a song?

She know who she is a creative soul from the bay. A beautiful lovely musical soul I must say. Her sound, her voice is purely enough. To be her man is definitely a must.

See… She is the one that is the spark to my plug. She’s the one where I just don’t want to fuck but make love. I wonder if she knows if I exist. For if not then yeah I’ll be pissed! But not at her for she is not to blame. I’m just a man that needs to step up his game. All is far in love and war, may the best man win I truly implore. For she is amazing and I do adore. For one special opportunity to take the floor. Please say yes and give me a chance for perhaps movie dinner and just one dance. Hope she has a really good time- I’m just a simple man trying to make her mine :-]

Poetic art influenced and inspired by the lovely talented Mara Rhuby